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The Utility Tool for Frontline Healthcare Clinicians

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The Company

RNvention was formed to inspire, educate and serve as a resource for clinicians who want to develop and commercialize solutions to the challenges we face in delivery of healthcare.


The Product

MultiNix™ tool helps a nurse to get their shift done!

MultiNix™ is a 7-inch multi-functioning utility tool designed by and for healthcare clinicians.

It is composed of 15+ simple-to-use features that allow quick access to abilities such as cutting, grasping, clamping, opening, and torquing.

The MultiNix™ is made of premium quality stainless steel and non-porous autoclavable plastic overmolding. This combination allows the device to be wiped cleaned or sterilized and is dependent on hospital protocols.

The patent pending multifunctional capabilities free the nurse from “hunting and gathering” tools required to perform optimum patient care, yielding the ability to improve efficiency, clinical outcomes and increase customer satisfaction.

The tool is not intended for direct patient contact and is considered FDA class 1 pre-market exempt. (multiple patent applications pending)

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The Utility Tool with 15+ Features, helping clinicians to get their shift done!

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About Wayne Nix


co-founder and CEO

Wayne Nix is co-founder of RNvention.

Wayne possesses 20+ years of medical experience and is a veteran of Louisiana Army National Guard.   He holds active licensure as an RN and RRT.  

Wayne is passionate in the mission to help nurses innovate the future.  In 2014, he and his wife Dawn, who is also a nurse, cofounded their company RNvention LLC.

Wayne and his team continue to synthesize information learned from customer discovery techniques, while continuously designing and developing new products and solutions for the healthcare industry.

When not participating in entrepreneurial activities, you’ll find Wayne decompressing through his favorite hobby cooking 🙂

About Dawn Nix

RNvention co-founder and COO

Dawn Nix is co-founder of RNvention.

Dawn has a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing and Bachelors of French studies. She is an active RN with 17+ years of Pediatric and Neonatal specialty experience.

Dawn currently performs Operations Oversight for the company and is a major contributor for  MultiNix Tool’s social media.  She also works fulltime as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and loves the clinical side of  things.

When not working two full time jobs, you can find her searching for a new Paleo food that tastes great.  Firmly believing the effort is not in vain.  🙂

The MultiNix Story

MultiNix™ is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Wayne and Dawn Nix.

Both founders are registered nurses and have worked in the healthcare industry for over 37 years combined.

As most nurses and frontline clinicians know, one must carry several tools in several pockets to complete job related tasks or find yourself searching the halls and bothering peers for a tool to get your job done.

Wayne first experienced this problem several years ago while serving the Louisiana Army National Guard as a combat life saver. While on a routine assignment, a pivotal moment occurred that magnified a problem of not having the right tool, and that made him wonder why it hadn’t been addressed already.

In the early 2010’s, the spark to move forward occurred when Wayne was working as a respiratory therapist.  While transporting a sick infant on a medical flight transport when he reached for a tool, his pockets emptied onto the helicopter floor.  He had to scramble to secure his tool mid-flight and on the way back home, he vowed to never be unprepared again.  And thus on and Acadian Ambulance Bolkow helicopter, the concept of a multifunctional utility tool for clinicians and nurses was born.

Upon returning home, and sharing the shift report with his wife Dawn, they decided to perform research which revealed fellow healthcare professionals shared their sentiments about having the tools they need.  And from a sketch of on idea, on a back of a syringe packet, and with continuous feedback from frontline clinicians, they have created an innovative, all-in one solution that aids efficiency and readiness for those on the frontline of healthcare delivery.