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Why we formed RNvention

RNvention was formed to inspire, educate and serve as a resource for clinicians who want to develop solutions to the challenges we face in the delivery of healthcare.

Our Purpose

Advancing  Innovation in Healthcare.

We empower clinicians via education, research, and development.  

Core Values

  •  #GSD : We hustle and stay on point to be effective, not busy.
  • MANAGE DATA NOT EMOTION : All critical decisions need to be made first with data and supported with emotion.
  • GOT YOUR BACK : We set each other up for success and always have each others back.
  • WIN OR LEARN : We are OK with risk and not micromanaging process, which in essence means not micromanaging our team.
  • HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY : We win because of people – not process. We schedule celebration with all big and small wins.

Get Shift Done!

Have each others back

We manage data not emotion

Win or Learn

Have Fun - Along The Way


RNVENTION’S Co-Founder Wayne Nix is a proud Veteran of the U.S. Army