Don’t fall.

Don’t fail.

Don’t fudge it up!


I hear it. I think it . I see it. I get nervous before I go to work. My stomach turns when I go to a party. Me (Dawn) plus adventure just DO NOT go together.


But a new adventure with my husband (Wayne) has me re-thinking all this.

It’s a business venture, a quote “Journey”.  And I’ve read that new businesses shouldn’t be “afraid to fail”.

Well tell that to a woman who wants so much for her marriage to work; if she fails, she’ll be divorced, just like her own parents.

Tell that to a nurse who works so hard to save babies’ lives; if the care fails, the baby dies.

“Failure” is not an option.

But it’s not failure. Maybe it’s restructuring. Maybe it’s not where you were meant to be. Maybe I need to see things in a new light. Or at least be aware that i’m slippery territory (Like the picture above).

I’ve watched so many crime dramas I think it’s a man guilty of murder, trying to escape a pressing detective.

But what if he actually has a parachute and is poised to take the ride of his life?

What if he’s counting cliff-dwelling birds to determine if their ecosystem is changing too rapidly?

Maybe the love of his life is sitting right behind him, waiting for the perfect moment to propose marriage.

And maybe he’s just sitting there, enjoying the view, reframing his outlook, and wondering where tomorrow will take him.



Face the future.

Have faith.

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