Entrepreneurship is slippery territory!

Ever experience walking along a smooth floor and then all of a sudden your foot has a quick slip?

You react. You think.  Oh my god, don’t fall!

This sudden loss of grip, control.  Well, I feel it often.


I think it. I see it. I get nervous before I go to work.

My stomach turns when I go to a party.

Me (Dawn)  + adventure just DO NOT go together.


This new adventure with my husband (Wayne) has me re-thinking all this.

He says it is a business venture… a quote “journey”.  And I’ve read that new businesses shouldn’t be “afraid to fail”. 

Well, that’s not something you should tell to a woman who wants safety and security.


I want our marriage to work and there are stories about how business can rip families apart.  The last thing I want is to experience a loss through a divorce like my parents.

And how can you say don’t be “afraid to fail” to a nurse who works so hard to save premature babies’ lives; if the care fails, the baby dies!

“Failure” is not an option for us. 

What I needed to know was that failure means more about learning and restructuring and continued growth. That without struggle and stretching we cannot grow.

So maybe you are not where you are meant to be. Maybe we need to learn to restructure and see things in a new light more often.  Or at least be aware that to be alive and experience life, we are always on slippery territory (Like the picture above).

Know that you are not walking the path of life alone.  Know that others are around you to help if in fact you do lose your grip and take a slight fall.