Nursing versus Innovators … Common Characteristics

Nurses are the linchpin of worldwide healthcare delivery.  Can we agree?

Nurses are primely positioned to see innovation opportunities in the delivery of GLOBAL healthcare!

So why the lack of innovation in nursing?

Nurses know how desperately needed innovation is in regard to improving quality and outcomes in healthcare.

Yet it amazes me that with five generations of nurses working in healthcare, that with our creative and clinical thinking skills, we see little progress when it comes to innovation in our field.

We formed RNVENTION as we believe that a big reason for this lack of innovation is because nurses often lack the knowledge of:

What is innovation?
Why does it matter?
How to start?

Even if a nurse has an idea, they often lack the courage and confidence to move forward.  As we often hear, I have an idea, I just don’t have the time.  And by the time I get home, I’m exhausted. Plus, why should I give my idea to the hospital to save thousands if I’m not fairly compensated?

I get it.  We get it.  Dawn still works full-time.  We know the pains.  That said, we think it is time for healthcare clinicians to start reaping some of the gains.

The irony here is that nurses do not know they are primed and ready to go.

That innovation and entrepreneurship skills are already rooted in our profession.

That nurses already have characteristics needed to succeed.

Nurses possess passion, creativity, leadership and knowledge skills allowing them to engage in modern innovation principles, which will allow for the development of time-saving and life-saving products.

Common Characteristics of a nurse.

  • Passionate
  • Action-oriented – #GSD
  • Can Communicate with others  
  • Ability to Document
  • Interview / Assess
  • Creative abilities
  • Accountable
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Continuous learners
  • Persistent
  • Take Calculated Risks

What makes nurses great – they know who to know!

If a nurse doesn’t know the answer, they go and find out.  And then they tell their peers.   And I’d argue that that’s what we are doing today.

The point is that we want to build a better healthcare system and welcome all nurses and frontline clinicians to build the healthcare we so desperately need.