Dawn Nix co-founder of Multinix Tool learn more about multinix

Dawn loves to teach patients the reality of how to get things done – in relation to patient care.

What does this mean?

It means that she understands things can be a challenge at home with limited resources and hands.  And she does her best to ensure patients and families understand their options when it comes to receiving the best care.

Besides being an experienced Nurse, did you know her first Bachelors was in French? 

She spent a few semesters in her ancestral land of Canada, shared a class or two with Shaquille O’Neal and after graduating realized that she better find something to pay her immediate bills.   Thus continuing her education with her alma mater LSU, her first job was at LSU Charity Hospital, then Tulane New Orleans, Dallas Children’s and then Womens and Childrens in Lafayette LA.


Currently, she serves as the Chief Operating/Oversight Officer for RNvention.  She’s the heart and soul that gives balance to Wayne’s more “analytical” side 🙂