MultiNix® is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Dawn and Wayne Nix.

Both founders are registered nurses and have worked in the healthcare industry for over 38 years combined.

As most nurses and frontline clinicians know, one must carry several tools in several pockets to complete job related tasks or find yourself searching the halls and bothering peers for a tool to get your job done.

Wayne first experienced this problem several years ago while serving the Louisiana Army National Guard as a combat life saver. While on a routine assignment, a pivotal moment occurred that magnified a problem of not having the right tool, and that made him wonder why it hadn’t been addressed already.

In the early 2010’s, the spark to move forward occurred when Wayne was working as a respiratory therapist.  While transporting a sick infant on a medical flight transport when he reached for a tool, his pockets emptied onto the helicopter floor.  He had to scramble to secure his tool mid-flight and on the way back home, he vowed to never be unprepared again.  And thus on and Acadian Ambulance Bolkow helicopter, the concept of a multifunctional utility tool for clinicians and nurses was born.

Acadian Ambulance Helicopter – Air Med

Upon returning home and sharing the shift report with his wife Dawn, they decided to perform research with their peers revealing other healthcare professionals shared their sentiments about not always having the tools they often need.  And from a sketch of on idea, on a back of a syringe packet, and with continuous feedback from frontline clinicians, they have created MultiNix®, an innovative, all-in one utility solution that aids efficiency and readiness for those on the frontline of healthcare delivery.

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