MultiNix Tool – What is it?

MultiNix® tool helps a nurse to get their shift done!

MultiNix® is a 7-inch multi-functioning utility tool designed by and for healthcare clinicians.

It is composed of 15+ simple-to-use features that allow quick access to abilities such as cutting, grasping, clamping, opening, and torquing.

The MultiNix® is made of premium quality stainless steel and non-porous autoclavable plastic overmolding. This combination allows the utility tool to easily be wiped cleaned and/or sterilized depending on the hospital protocols.

The patent-pending multifunctional capabilities free the nurse from “hunting and gathering” tools required to perform optimum patient care, yielding the ability to improve efficiency, clinical outcomes and increase customer satisfaction.


NOTE: The tool is not intended for direct patient contact and is to be considered FDA class 1 pre-market exempt. (multiple patent applications pending)