RNV -Questions answered.

RNVENTION® was formed to educate, inspire and assist clinicians who are working on the frontlines of healthcare with ideas.


Are we an accelerator or an incubator?


We do not have grants and we do not have loans.

Know what else we don’t have, an ask for your company or product!

We believe that transaction should only be awarded if a company actually does something.  All we want to do for now is to offer you how to be “unstuck”  and learn from our mistakes.

We want to help you move your idea into action and help you and your idea have forward progress.


Do we welcome the opportunity to have others join our team at RNVENTION?

Of course.  We welcome anyone on board who can help us fulfill our mission.

But to even be considered you will have to pass a screening and evaluation. And to get to that point, you have to download our “how to get started guides”.

I thought about calling them “how to kill your idea” guides, but Dawn advises that would not go over well.

I digress, however you should know that our guides will ask simple but tough questions, eventually helping you by killing your idea.

Sorry, but I think you’d agree that it is better for us to kill your idea early before you’ve spent a ton of money.


So why listen to us?

Because we are nurses.  We are living the process and providing a product and proof.  We are not professors studying “the theory” of building a company or product.

Who are we?

We are definitely not a big corporation.  And if you don’t know us by now, we are Dawn and Wayne Nix.  We are married registered nurses who co-founded RNvention® in 2014 out of our own needs.


What needs did Dawn and Wayne have?

Follow me here:  Would you agree that nurses are the glue inside of healthcare?

Are we not the ones that have a holistic view and know how to keep things together?

Seriously.  Who is the one running in between the physician, the family, dietary, the patient?


As nurses, Dawn and I know the frontlines are ripe with valuable ideas.  We know from our experience that our peers are full of creative solutions and some have a potential market ability.

But if you are here, you are probably like we were at the beginning.  And just like you, we had very little knowledge, limited options with what to do with an idea and did not know who to trust.

What are you to do with your idea?

You can’t go to SharkTank® without having the product.  So where are clinicians to go with an idea?

I mean, if you are a Ph.D. fellow and have full funding from a University or medical school, you probably have a few more options.  But I’m guessing if you are one of those people, you are probably not stopping by to visit our website.

So what are your options?

Go to the Small business Administration?  

Well, they are great for a small lifestyle type of businesses.  And we definitely recommend them once you have started a business.  I’m assuming you pay your taxes of course.  And the other question here is for you to know if you are building a product or starting a business?


Go to a University and ask for assistance?

It’s possible they can help.  It might take a while and there is always a ton of red tape.  In fact, we work with Universities and advise you download a form in our kit that will help you approach them.


Go to an idea/invention corporation help sort of thing?

Well, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why they use a dumb caveman?

Who benefits here?  It’s clear in the commercials being run who they consider the less educated.

All we are saying is you might want to check to see how many companies they’ve actually helped be successful.

Oh, and by the way, this advice goes for anyone you consider doing business with.


What about a maker-space?

We love maker-spaces.  The only concern here is who owns that intellectual property?

Do you know?  Do they know?  Who is funding their maker-space?  Will they be around after their funding is gone?

I mean I know they want to help, we recommend asking a bunch of questions and getting this in writing before you disclose your idea.

Of course, ideas have no value.  The difference here is that these spaces have the ability to actuate on your idea before you do.


So What about RNVENTION?
Well, it’s possible we might be able to assist.

Just know that assisting is different from helping.  Our offer, for now, is help start and point the way.

We are getting more requests for “how to manuals”  which include how you can protect your idea and allow you to evaluate your resources to see what is needed.


So What’s the deal? 

Here’s the deal.  RNvention recognizes that planting seeds of innovation is only the beginning of a complex, hard, expensive, long, yet rewarding process.

We really just want people in the industry to build the change we desperately need and want to see.



Are you satisfied with current healthcare delivery system?

If so, fine.  But if not, what are you doing about it?


Downloading our guides will at minimum give you some structure to follow.  Will it be perfect:  Heck no!   Sorry, just a fact.  We are not psychics with crystal balls.

But it’s really no different than us making a plan for patient care.  You make a plan and it never quite turns out like you think.

What we will say though is that our plan lets you know about important things you should be aware of.

Things like what are your “Vitals”?  Are you aware of your TEMP?

Want to know more, download our guide.

Guys we are living proof that nurses can innovate and bring a product to market.

When will you join us?