RNvention was formed to inspire clinicians working on the frontlines of healthcare to innovate. Not only does this add value to patients, it also motivates clinicians who want to give their best. We provide a template for innovation competency and offer a commercialization pathway for those clinicians with ideas.

Wayne and Dawn Nix, married registered nurses, co-founded the company in 2014, out of their personal need.  As nurses, they know the frontlines of healthcare are ripe with creative solutions and potential commercialization.

RNvention recognizes that planting seeds of innovation is only the beginning of a complex yet rewarding process.  The time has come to develop an innovation competency for clinicians. We solve the questions:

What do I do if I have an idea?
How do I know if it’s any good?
Where is the checklist to evaluate market potential?

RNvention is encouraging “intrapreneurship” within hospital systems. Successful implementation ultimately builds products and processes that yield a more efficient healthcare.

RNvention seeks to ensure clinicians and hospitals are incentivized  to work together towards their common goals. RNvention  connects administrators with the resources, experts and channels  to  validate ideas and bring the concepts to mainstream market.

Wayne and Dawn have spent the last 4 years refining the concept, raising funds and are about to launch their first product as a result. They are living proof of their innovation system.

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