The 3 Fails 

Dawn and I learned about a quick 3 Fails.

You see RNvention’s idea stopped being RNvention’s idea a long time ago.

In early 2015 we took our initial tools to multiple hospital clinicians and administrators.

They had no problem with pointing out its defects; in other words, calling our baby ugly!


So what do we learn?
  • Nurses said the first prototype was too flimsy, and it will probably break.
  • Administrators said I’m not sure of the fee, and hospitals are going broke.
  • Infection control said that device looks filthy, and you’ll never get that cleaned.

University Health





Although all groups initially scoffed, we listened.  In fact, we did what they said.  EXACTLY! And we were still wrong!

Finally, we learned what many engineers know.  You don’t ask people what they like in product development.  You ask what they DON’T like instead!

Steve Jobs said people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

Either way, there is something to be said to be holding something tangible.  To feel it, see it, turn it over…. And to feel a response.

Having these experiences has helped us solidify our development principles of having a lean, mean design team.

Using our design process has allowed the MultiNix Tool to develop over time.

It has included numerous prototypes (dare we say 70+ designs??!!).

We know that our product should feel good, should look good, should work well, be easy to clean and highly missed if misplaced!

These things have all been considered after interviews with hundreds of nurses and clinicians.

The first release version to the public for MultiNix Tool is for early 2018.