WAYNE NIX RNVENTION CO-FOUNDER AND CEO learn more about multinix

Well, since i’m writing this i’ll tell you ūüôā

¬† “I’m living the dream”¬†


My personal goal is “tooling” ¬†frontline healthcare clinicians.


I work to engage, enlighten , empower and equip frontline caregivers.   


To serve as a liaison  between clinicians, administrators, universities and manufacturers.  

To spark dialogue with innovation & creativity experts.  

To build alliances with those who can assist in unlocking caregivers ability to invent and dare we say, become entrepreneurial?   


As a nurse, a respiratory therapist, an administrator and a veteran, I continue to serve my community by:

simplifying, condensing, giving tools & guidance.  
To help clinicians “start”¬† and become “unstuck” with our responsibility to build a better healthcare.


My question to you: Will you join me?