What the H.I.R.L?

I was dissatisfied, disheartened, and frustrated by bedside nursing.

In 2014, Dawn and I, unbeknownst to us, started down the entrepreneur pathway in search of something we didn’t know we were searching to find.

I found my Belief.  I found my Passion!

Yes it is true.  The idea for a “Swiss army knife” type of utility tool for nurses came to my mind first when I was in the Army National Guard.  And even after a near sentinel event on an air med flight, it took being around a group of smart, passionate and open minded people, who sparked the encouragement for us to move us to commit the funds needed to move forward.

How the HIRL did I meet these passionate people?

I’m glad you asked.

It was through something called Google+ Hangouts on Air.

It was through a virtual platform where I met countless people who truly wanted to help and offer guidance on anything we asked.

Ok, well for me it was totally free.  I leveraged my knowledge and love for cooking and hosted a brief live streaming cooking show from our kitchen called ‘Lookin for Good Cookin”.

It was a virtual meeting of minds, that led to a real life meeting known as the #2014 Denver HIRL (Hangout in real life).

After cooking up a meal with our friends, we participated in several chit chats.  One of which involved icebreaker moments.  Besides learning strange facts such as one person in the room had 6 toes, we also began discussion on “what would you do if you could”.  This was fueled by a little spirited debate and a little spirited liquor.

Long story short, on the flight back home, Dawn and I decided:what do we have to lose?  

And that’s where the spark of an idea met the kindling of new friends and ignited the passion for building our dream RNVENTION.


Note from author:  Some of the hangout celebrities present were Larry Fournillier, Mia Voss, Hermine Ngnomire.

We also enjoyed virtual attendees like our friends Nazim Beltran, Ronnie Bincer and many others.