“We are always looking for something in order to take something off, tighten something down, cut something off…This would be a game changer.”

Renee Lamb, RN UNIVERSITY HEALTH’S RENAL UNIT MANAGER testimonials multinix review
Renee Lamb, RN
University Health's Renal Unit Manager

“I need this in my life!”

Michael Brandon Ward NURSE & BLOGGER testimonials multinix review
Michael Brandon Ward
Nurse & Blogger

“His story is an example of what can happen when we collaborate to support nursing entrepreneurship here.”

Gregory Kallenberg STARTUP PRIZE FOUNDER testimonials multinix review
Gregory Kallenberg
Startup Prize Founder

Press about RNvention

Innovation to help clinicians #GSD!

Local medical startup launching with ‘Nix Tool’

A local startup company hopes to put a time-saving tool in the hands of every nurse in America.
Wayne Nix, of RNVention, an Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program portfolio company, has developed the “Nix Tool,” currently in its demonstration phase receiving feedback from nursing departments within University Health….. Read more

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Before MultiNix - it was Nix Tool

MultiNix – derived from Nix Tool  See the very begging here

Entrepreneurial Eco-system thriving in North Louisiana

RNvention one of five companies selected to pitch at NOEW
read more

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Startup Prize highlights Shreveport's support for entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneur Wayne Nix recently stood at a podium in front of a crowd of accredited angel investors in Shreveport and delivered a well-rehearsed, professional presentation introducing strangers to his “big idea.”.Read more  

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