The Kevil in the Details.



You may have guessed by now, the MultiNix Tool was not the only reason for forming RNvention.  It is one of many. Our main goal is to become a conduit of sorts, for both nurses as well as scientists. To provide the liaison currently missing between the lab and the clinicians who deliver care.  To be a keystone to translate business concepts and terms to those in fields of science, and to help innovate and spin-off technologies into viable markets.  

How will we do this?  By continuing to network and build relationships.  Like the connection we have with our friend Dr. Christopher Kevil Ph.D.  Chris wears many hats. Or should we say lab coats?  Chris is the Director of the Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences (CCDS) division and the force behind the ongoing cardiovascular related projects and other major areas of research interests in the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center of Shreveport, Louisiana (LSUHSC-S). And if that wasn’t impressive enough, you may have heard about his most recent accomplishment,  being asked to be the Principal Investigator on $10.5 million dollar grant awarded by the Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) to LSUHSC.  

We first met Chris back in 2015 when we were attending the Louisiana Startup prize.  He was representing Innolyzer labs with our friends John Chidlow Ph.D. and Kevin Pavlick Ph.D.   We mentioned we were prospecting for a potential partner to serve as principal investigator for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant application, which would help us to design a neonatal/pediatric CPAP device.

To help us realize this goal, Chris has met with us several times over the past few years, encouraging us to stay on point, stay focused and make certain to get the MultiNix Tool into market. 

“Prove you can commercialize your product, and that will add value for any SBIR or STTR”.

One of our more memorable moments recalls Chris explaining his experience with us.  “I mean, I’m a data guy.  'The devil is in the details'.  And as you know, details means data!

It’s been an amazing journey to witness you and Dawn.  I mean you have taken electricity from your heads. Turned thoughts into prototypes, found manufacturers to make it, connected with a local non-profit (Louisiana Association of the Blind) to print your marketing materials, and successfully launched into the market. Overcoming barrier after barrier.  And still doing it under budget! That’s value.  That’s data.  That’s, 'getting shift done!'."

And here we are.  We’re officially working towards collaborative agreements with LSUHSC. On 04/19/2018, we were one of three Louisiana start-up companies chosen to pitch our idea for customized 3d printed bioactive medical equipment.  And Dawn and I are pleased to announce, that with the help of Steven Alexander Ph.D.  and Christopher Boyer Ph.D., we took home the top prize!