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“We are always looking for something in order to take something off, tighten something down, cut something off…This would be a game changer.”

Renee Lamb, RN
University Health's Renal Unit Manager

“I need this in my life!”

Michael Brandon Ward
Nurse & Blogger

"His story is an example of what can happen when we collaborate to support nursing entrepreneurship here [in Louisiana]."

Gregory Kallenberg
Startup Prize Founder

"I find that no matter what situation I am faced with in my role as a nurse, my first instinct has now become to reach into my pocket for my MultiNix tool, because chances are very good that it will have what I need."

Julie Carlson, RN, NICU

"Finally a tool that meets all your nursing needs! I love my MultiNix! It's the newest and greatest invention that gets shift done!"

Tina Boyer RN, NICU

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