Wayne Nix is an inventor Registered Nurse armed with not only clinical experience but a strong business entrepreneurship and creativity. Recognizing the need for quality and innovative products that healthcare providers require, he has embarked on a journey to develop, market, and deliver products that enhance the delivery of care while making our jobs easier.

I recently had the pleasure to hear him speak at the World Nursing Conference, 2017. His delivery effortlessly energized the attendees with his knowledge and strategies regarding the evolution of the MultiNix Utility Tool. His 'can do' approach certainly motivated and inspired the group in realizing that delivery of healthcare care is only one aspect of being a nurse - we can also be investors. And, isn't that what nurses do...problem solving at its best. Wayne was realistic in his presentation and clearly highlighted his journey in the creation of his new product. It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear Wayne's engaging presentation and share in his excitement. Many attendees mentioned to me they were already brainstorming on new opportunities and products for them explore.

It is without hesitation that would recommend Wayne Nix as a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker on healthcare innovations!

If used, you can not utilize my current job (Federal law prohibits employees recommending products/people)...so, I guess you're just stuck with my credentials: Lavoy Bray, RN-BC, BSN, MEd.


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